Wedding Bartenders and Event Staff - Wisconsin


Bucky's Services aims to provide the utmost professional bartending and event staffing services. In order to do so, we must comply with our insurance policy. 

Please note for all bartending services:

1. All alcoholic beverages must be served by Bucky's Services staff

2. No shots, "neats", or "rocks" drinks will be served. All mixed drinks must contain a ratio of no more than 1:3 parts alcohol to non-alcoholic "mixers". 

3. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

4. We may terminate services at anytime due to an unsafe and/or hostile environment. Other instances of applicable termination may include - repeated warnings to individuals who have been refused service at the bar but still insist on obtaining alcoholic beverages, refusal of payment for a past due invoice, refusal of policy compliance, use of drugs on venue property, etc. We will not tolerate misuse of alcohol.  In the event of a termination during an event, all expenses are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

5. Security and crowd control are not our responsibility. Should your event require security, you are responsible for doing so.